London Showroom Visits

Discover the latest in interactive touchscreens with a visit to the Clevertouch showroom in London. The state-of-the-art showroom gives you hands-on access to all of their screens allowing you to see the full Clevertouch range, from interactive displays to digital signage, the showroom has it all.

Find out about the latest features, such as seamless integration between devices, with a personalised demonstration from one of the Clevertouch team so you can see explore all the features the screen has and see how the screen compares to your current display/whiteboard, and how it will fit into your school, and find which screen is right for you.

If this is of interest, the showroom is available to visit during the last week of May (27th-31st) and the first week of June (3rd-7th). Find the form at the bottom of the page to organise a visit.

The multi-purpose showroom also includes a meeting room which allows you to see how the display can be used for meetings online as well as in person – perfect for your staff meetings.

Explore how devices seamlessly integrate within the Clevertouch ecosystem, showing you the full potential that interactive displays can have within your school.

Laptop to display or display to laptop, explore how content can be shared between devices, giving you an unparalleled mirroring experience.

See how the latest stylus glide along the screen, offering an unmatched touch experience.

The showroom can be found in the heart of the City. With a number of transport links, the showroom is easily accessible for anyone in and around London.

For more information on our interactive touchscreens for education, visit our dedicated page here.

Clevertouch London Showroom
London Showroom

To organise a visit, get in contact with us by filling out the form below.

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We have dates available during the last week of May (27th-31st) and the first week of June (3rd-7th)